Original roots music from the southern parts of Holland, with influences ranging from rockabilly and rock 'n roll to blues and rhythm 'n blues, up to some 60's vibes and twanging' country music. That's Supersonics in a nutshell...

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"If you're not doing something different, you're not doing anything"

- Sam Phillips (Sun Records)


This quote has real truth to it, which led to the founding of Supersonics as a band.


Early 2016 I was still working with a country band called Smokey & The Bandits and rockabilly band The Taildraggers, when I was asked by a friend to form a new band in Eindhoven (NL), personally I was ready for new things but with the condition of creating something unique and different and strictly original songs. 


With Jeroen van Delden (Southern Rumble, Texarkana Trio), John Hofmans (Rumble Rousers, Power Shake) and Smokey & The Bandits drummer and jazz/roots musician John Rietberg, we had a meeting and all agreed on the fact. Supersonics was born. Because I had written loads and loads of lyrics, complete and incomplete songs, we had a good starting point. The main goal was writing songs from the heart with great attention for solid lyrics and most importantly, without feeling restrained to one single musical style or specific genre. And lyrics were always very important to me, words with meaning, storyline songs with content. Lyricwise, I feel that I've been inspired by a lot of very different songwriters. From Hank Williams to The Beatles, from Merle Haggard or Buddy Holly to Waylon Jennings and Gram Parsons. Not only songs about love, but songs about life, about winning and losing, good times and hard times and the occasional message.    

Musically, I'm influenced by lots of different styles and genres. It all depends on mood and creative fuel. Important to me, as mentioned, are the lyrics. But I'm also a big fan of great melodies and melodic chord changes and guitar breaks. With that in mind, the songwriting process started to take form. Influenced by Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Mickey Baker, George Jones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, The Byrds, Waylon Jennings, The Sonics, Restless, Lynyrd Skynyrd... you name it. It all blends perfectly together and inspires me to write songs constantly. So in a way, Supersonics created their own distinctive and creative style and with original songs. The unique blend of a Gretsch hollow-body guitar and a twanging' Fender Telecaster produces that twin leadguitar sound, supported by a solid backbeat of creative, firm drums and pumping (double) bass. Melody and backbeat go hand in hand.

Additional to our strictly "original songs" shows, we only deviate once in a while with our own Elvis Tribute Show called "Supersonics Go Elvis!". Elvis is a big inspiriation for all of us and it's a nice and welcome variation to our Supersonics shows. These Elvis Tribute shows are not your typical Elvis Tributes. We've found our niche in playing a great deal of forgotten and lesser know Elvis songs, not strictly rock 'n roll but also some great songs from his 60's movie-era and even a couple of 70's tunes. Of course, we've arranged in our own special Supersonic way! 


During the Summer of 2017 we started recording our debut album 'Close To You' which was released December 2017 and had some great international reviews. The 12" vinyl version was released a few months later on the Dutch Tombstone label in a limited edition. And then, 2019 was the year of our 2nd album "69 Automobile", released on CD and Vinyl by El Toro Records (ES), containing all new original songs! 

By the end of 2019, bassplayer John Hofmans decided to leave the band.
But we've found a great replacement in Joery Rutten. We've had a smooth transition and Joery has settled.

After that transition, we've started working on our 3rd studio album. Brand new songs were being written and the first backing track recordings were made in 2020 already. When Covid hit us, we had to pause most activities for a while, but fortunately things got back to normal again and the album is done now.

BIRD ON A WIRE will be released on APRIL 13, 2024 on EL TORO RECORDS @ De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen (NL)
(CD, Vinyl and all streaming platforms)

Due to personal choice and kind of a rock & roll retirement, our longtime drummer and friend John Rietberg had to leave the band this year, 2023. We've had a great time with him as our drummer, we've made 3 incredible albums and had some fun times on the road. But we've found a great new drummer, his name's Ronnie Smit and he has played for a long time with The Tin Stars (NL). Ronnie joined us in the summer of 2023.

John will be saying goodbye during our album release party as well, on April 13 2024 during our show at the Rockabilly Breakout (De Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen). 

So be there and party with us, grab our new album and come 'n say hello! 

For now we'd like to say.... onwards! 




Photography: Foto Brigade Jansen / Brigitte Jansen © 2023